Snapchat tips for the confused

If you’re reading this chances are you are either new to Snapchat or afraid of it. In this article you will learn all about how to use it. We collected your questions and answered them.

Can you edit photos like you can in Instagram?

Yes. Snapchat there aren’t as many filters as Instagram, but it does include a selection of exciting editing tools for sending photos and videos to your friends:

  • Filter: Swipe left or right on your photo for filters that can denote the outside temperature, your speed, the time, geographical locations and more.
  • Draw: Tap the pencil at the top-right of your screen to draw over your photo or video. With the color spectrum, you can turn an average selfie into a cool piece of art.


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  • Type: Tap the “T” on your photo/video to add personalized text. It will first appear in a black box, but keep tapping to see your options for left- or center-aligned white text.

Tip: You can tap the icon beside the timer to instantly save the photo to your phone’s gallery.

Why are there emojis next to my friends names?

Snapchat has friend emojis that only you can see. Here are some examples:

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 8.37.24 AM

Tip: Remember that your real-life friendships shouldn’t be summed up by an emoji, so take the friend rating lightly.

What is the difference between Snapchat stories and sending snaps?

Yes. Snapchat stories are groups of images or videos that don’t vanish after the usual 1 to 10 seconds:

  • Duration: Snapchat stories are available for 24 hours and can be viewed repeatedly until the time limit is up. Afterward, the photos and/or videos disappear.
  • Posting: You can post a Snapchat story two different ways. You can tap the add to stories icon (square with a plus sign) or the arrow at the bottom-right of your screen. Once you hit the arrow, tap My Story at the top to add the photo or video to your feed.


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Tip: Remember to be completely sure about what you’re creating as a story—because it won’t go away for 24 hours.